Divine Touch Hands-on-Healing Program

Begins September 5, 2024

***My husband and I are planning to relocate in the next couple of years. If you are interested in this program, I suggest you take it now, as it is likely the last time it will be offered.***

The laying on of hands, or Divine Touch, has been practiced by many cultures and religions for thousands of years. Chiron, Asclepius, and Jeshua were all Masters of Divine Touch, or Hands-on-Healing.

In our quest for spiritual attainment, we often overlook the needs of our physical nature. Our bodies not only need food, shelter, and rest to be comfortable, they require Touch in order to fully thrive and integrate all parts of our being. To heal by touch is to recognize and validate the experience of both the physical body and the spiritual body. And it is through the act of performing a healing that you, as the Healer, heal yourSelf.

“To touch physically is to validate – to touch spiritually is to heal.”

In the Crystal-Rose Divine Touch Healing Program you will Master the art of Divine Touch, which gently, yet powerfully, reconnects the spiritual body with the physical body – rebuilding your body of light. Restoring this flow of energy will enable you to fully integrate all of your spiritual information and awareness so that you can achieve physical wellness and spiritual wellbeing. 

The Crystal-Rose Divine Touch Healing Program begins September 5, 2024, and is one year in duration. Classes are on Thursday evenings. In each class you will both give and receive (so yummy!) a hands-on-healing. Topics include, and are not limited to:

  • Your unique healing energy
  • Neutral touch and healing from wholeness
  • Your wellness vibration
  • Your commitment to your body and the silver cord
  • How to see and heal specific illnesses and dis-ease
  • Rest and how it has everything to do with your health
  • Your first breath, your first touch
  • Family programming
  • Update the astral body
  • Releasing the Heartwall
  • Telepathic and the creative channels
  • Remove “pain pictures” lodged in the chakras and body
  • Creating a new picture of your body – limited versus infinite
  • Rebirth, renewal, karma, and miracles
  • Role of the endocrine system in harmonizing spirit and body
  • Invalidation, the pain sheath, electric blue, forgiveness
  • The role of love and compassion, not sympathy, in healing
  • Psychic surgery

This program will prepare you to be a professional hands-on-healer if that is your intent. 

Enrollment is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.


To be accepted into the program participants must:

  • Complete the Healing Energy 1 and Healing Energy 2 classes through Crystal-Rose.
  • Provide a brief list of past spiritual studies and current spiritual classes you are enrolled in.
  • Provide a short statement of your reasons/intentions for entering this program. Personal and professional. This is so that we can tailor the program to meet your needs.
  • Provide exchange.

Deadline for submittal of enrollment requirements is August 26, 2024.


The exchange is $195 (normally $240)** per month for each of the twelve months of the program. You may pay the entire amount ($2,340.00) or pay monthly through Venmo: Traci-Hanson-7.

**The Divine Touch Healing Program is normally $240 per month, and we are offering a discount this year at $195 per month.


Crystal-Rose offers scholarships (discounted tuition) and trade opportunities for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact Crystal-Rose for a scholarship application. Deadline for scholarships is August 19, 2024.

Message from Traci

To be a healer is to heal.  Safety, nurturing, care, compassion and yes, touch, are all a part of creating the environment so that healing can take place.  One does not heal, physically or emotionally, if one does not feel safe in the world.  In the Crystal-Rose Divine Touch Healing Program, you will learn how to create a Sanctuary for yourSelf and others and how to carry this Sanctuary within your Lightbody.

By enrolling in the Crystal-Rose Divine Touch Healing Program, you are making a profound commitment to your personal growth and spiritual attainment. You are stating your intent to fully rebuild and restore your lightbody and to integrate your spiritual nature with your physical nature, becoming the bridge between spirit and matter, between Heaven and Earth.  You are claiming wholeness and wellness as your living embodiment.

I whole-heartedly welcome each of you to this program. It is an intensive program, and a personal program, and you will experience yourself in wellness.  ~ Traci

“Healer, Heal Thyself”

~ Jeshua

Class Dates- 2024/2025

September 2024           March 2025
Thursday, September 5TBA
Thursday, September 12TBA
Thursday, September 19TBA
October 2024April 2025
Thursday, October 3TBA
Thursday, October 10TBA
Thursday, October 17TBA
November 2024May 2025
Thursday, November 7TBA
Thursday, November 14TBA
Thursday, November 21TBA
December 2024June 2025
Thursday, December 5TBA
Thursday, December 12TBA
Thursday, December 19TBA
January 2025July 2025
February 2025August 2025
TBATBA – graduation

Classes are in-person from 6:30 to 9 pm at 210 Vallejo Street, Suite C, Petaluma.  

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