Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling sessions are similar to a traditional therapy session, but we explore issues from a spiritual perspective.  In other words, we take into account your karma and karmic patterning, your Soul contracts with Life, and your Soul contracts with with the people (family/friends/bosses/enemies) in your life.  When we are able to understand our issue from a spiritual perspective, the issue is able to resolve completely and our karma is cleared.

A Spiritual Counseling session is similar to a traditional therapy session, except that we explore whatever issue you may be having from a spiritual perspective. This includes understanding why your Soul gave you the body personality that you have, what your contracts are with Life, and how to resolve and release your karmic lessons and patterns. All spiritual counseling helps to establish a deeper connection to your Soul. One hour. Exchange – $150.
A short Spiritual Counseling session is the same as a regular Spiritual Counseling session, only for a shorter duration – 30 minutes. Exchange – $75.
This Spiritual Counseling session is for you and your partner (or friend or family member). It is essentially a couple’s therapy session, but we include the spiritual contracts between you and your partner, your Soul agreement to be with one another, and any karmic patterns you are working out together. One hour. Exchange – $150.

Kindly provide 24-hour notice for rescheduling. 
Missed appointments will be charged at an exchange of $150