Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling sessions are basically anything that is not a reading or a healing. This category covers teaching a specific topic (a common topic is ‘what happens after we die?’); showing you meditative tools to assist you with a specific issue; creating a plan and next steps to help you achieve a specific goal; or it can be a more traditional counseling session, exploring your issue from a spiritual perspective, in which case we look at karmic patterning, your Soul contracts with Life, and your Soul contracts with others.

Spiritual Counseling Session

All spiritual counseling sessions take into account any guidance from your Soul and a discussion of your Soul’s intent for you in this lifetime (life purpose). One hour. Exchange – $150.

Short Spiritual Counseling Session

A short Spiritual Counseling session is the same as a regular Spiritual Counseling session, only for a shorter duration – 30 minutes. Exchange – $75.

Relationship/Couple Spiritual Counseling Session

This Spiritual Counseling session is for you and your partner (or friend or family member). It is essentially a couple’s therapy session, but we include the spiritual contracts between you and your partner, your Soul agreement to be with one another, and any karmic patterns you are working out together. One hour. Exchange – $150.

Kindly provide 24-hour notice for rescheduling. 
Missed appointments will be charged at an exchange of $150