Are you trying to make a positive change in your life, but the old pattern keeps resurfacing? Or perhaps you are simply feeling overwhelmed and have lost your connection to Spirit?  Spiritual healings work at a deep level to resolve conditioning, patterns, and programming that cause disruption in your life.  They also work deeply to restore vitality, wellbeing, and connection to Spirit.


A hands-on-healing is a light touch healing done on a massage table with clothes on. It includes cleaning and balancing your charkas, auric field, meridians, and all energy pathways. It also includes releasing and resolving karma, aligning you with Spirit, and bringing forth your talents and gifts. Of course, your specific concerns are also included. Approximately one hour. Exchange – $150.

Distance Healing

These healings are very powerful and include a short email summary of the energies cleared. Exchange – $150. Couples and group/family rates available.

Healing Package

A series of at least three hands-on-healings focusing on a particular topic. These are especially helpful for major life transitions, releasing addictions, and for healing chronic illness. Discounted rates. Exchange – $140 per healing.

Pet Healing (Distance)

Pets love spiritual communication and receive healings and release energy very well. Exchange – $135.

Home/Office/Space Healing

Moving into a new home or office? A space healing will clear the space of any past-time occupants and energies. This healing can also determine if a space will be a successful and comfortable vibration for you or your business. Exchange – $150.

Marriage/Partnership Healing

This is a healing both for you and your partner. Both receive a full healing that includes healing any challenges in your relationship, clearing and resolving any karmic patterns between you, and renewing your Spiritual contracts with one another. Exchange – $300. Can be done as a hands-on-healing or a distance healing.

Astral/Emotional Body Healing

This healing is specifically designed to bring your astral/emotional body into present time. You will clean and repair your astral/emotional body, clear accumulated emotions, and free yourself from outdated astral agreements so that you can move into higher frequencies both in your dreamtime and upon awakening. This healing can be a hands-on-healing or distance healing. Exchange – $150.

Transition Healing (Death or Birth)

The Light Beings tell us, that by the law of energy, whatever energy imprint that accompanies your transition at death must be experienced on your return to the body in your next lifetime. In other words, if you leave troubled, you will return troubled. If you leave peaceful, you will return peaceful. A transition healing allows the recipient to transition (leaving the body or entering the body) in the highest vibration possible for that soul, allowing for a lifetime of peace, happiness, and love. Distance healing with email report. Exchange – $150.

Rebirthing Healing Package

This is a series of four healings scheduled every other week which support profound healing and life changes. You will update your pre-natal and conception agreements, clear birth trauma, early imprinting and cellular memory, and release karma with your family, your body, and Source/Creator. These healings can be hands-on-healings or distance. Exchange – $550. •Healing 1: renew agreements with body •Healing 2: renew agreements with family •Healing 3: renew agreements with God of your Heart •Healing 4: renew agreements with Creator/Source. Exchange – $550 (a savings of $50).

Angel Blessing

Enjoy sending a free Angel Blessing!

Kindly provide 24-hour notice for rescheduling. 
Missed appointments will be charged at an exchange of $150.